“we have found that the customer

     care book has really improved

      the communication between             clients and the cleaning team”    

                         Emilia Tomaszewska                           Contracts Manager antiem cleaning contracts

We at antiem cleaning contracts know that customer service is the key to any successful business that’s why as well as you receiving a phone call each week for the first month then on an agreed term after by our contracts manager we will also leave with you a customer care book, this book should be placed somewhere for both you the client and our cleaning team to access on each visit.                                                            

The customer care book has helped us even more improve the communication and service that we provide to our clients each page of the book is split into three columns, the first is for client comments the second is for our cleaning team to reply and the third is for the date on which the client has made the comment.              

In the event that you are not happy or feel that your cleaning is not being done to the specification we will ensure to put this right as quickly as possible, to achieve this we promote open communication between you, us and your cleaning team, you will have a direct number to your contracts manager and your cleaning team leader who will resolve any issues on your behalf as quickly and as smoothly as possible.